About Us

“Home is not where we live, home is where we belong.”

– African Proverb

Our CEO’s parents traveled extensively throughout the African Diaspora in the 70s and 80s and were profoundly changed, coming from the United States. Their love, adoration and support of the African Diaspora and African creatives gave her the inspiration to create Culture Chest. In their chests of drawers and closets, they held so many treasures from those travels in the form of clothing, shoes, hats and jewelry. Additionally, their chests held (and still hold) numerous letters sent through the mail with newfound friends across the African Diaspora who became family. For over 50 years they have proudly worn African clothing, jewelry and body creams made by their family members in Africa. Our CEO wanted to bring the same pride and joy that they have felt for years, to others. 

We’re excited to share with you the designs we have for Culture Chest. We have a line of tees and tanks that were innovatively and uniquely designed by our team, that showcase the significant impact the African Diaspora has on the world, in addition to other uniquely crafted designs with powerful messaging. The Harlem Congo collection features hand crafted designs from African seamstresses and tailors IN Africa. Our CEO has built amazing friendships throughout the African Diaspora over her years of traveling, and many of these friendships were made with powerful people who are incredibly talented. Her goal was to expand their businesses and/or hobbies through partnerships with Culture Chest. We are overjoyed to present to you the fruits of love and labor from both of these collections. Our goal with Harlem Congo is to continuously forge new partnerships across the African Diaspora. As a brand, we aim to ensure that we always create clothing and accessories that educate, represent, and inspire.